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Teaneck, New Jersey


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Lessons For Young 
The advantage of starting music lessons early is that learning is equivalent to having fun.
The most popular activity is "The Secret Message" in my class.
I present the student with several instrunments and she chooses couple that they like and place them in front of her.
Then, I place the same types of percussion instruments in front of myself and we sit with our backs to each other. The student begins by making her own rhythm pattern and I play it back. Then, we switch roles and I play a pattern to which she replies back.
The moments of anticipation while we wait for the sounds from the other side are very exciting. This way the children will naturally understand the value of listening to and focusing on the silence.
Through this activity they learn how to make patterns, recognize pitches and gain an understanding of simple call-and-response, a vital concept to which they will be soon find their own deeper meaning.