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Hi there,
Joshua has been coming to the lessons since he was in the third grade. He is a very kind-hearted, quiet young man.

He used to say that although he likes piano, he cannot practice because he does not have time.

Even then, however, when the annual piano recital would near, he would suddenly start practicing very hard as if an engine was turned on.

When he started to bring pieces that he would like to play to his lessons (two years ago), Joshua began to practice on his own.

Last year, he brought a song from the Jurassic Park soundtrack. When I arranged the piece so that he would be able to play it with the skills he has, he decided to play it for the recital and he did great job.

Since then, he often brings pieces such as those from video game soundtracks, or his dad’s favorite songs from movies (He wanted to surprise his dad, so he practiced in secret).

Isn’t this lovely? I’m so happy

I feel like even if I played video games, I would not notice the beauty of the music that is playing in the background.

But, I realize they are truly beautiful when they are arranged on piano.

Thanks to Joshua, I am able to learn about modern music from video games.

On my own, I only listen to music from two hundred years ago by Beethoven… not the most diverse array of music.

Although video game music would not normally be something I listen to, the fact that I can come into contact with modern, interesting music like this is another reason I love to teach.

There are differences among students in the amount of time it takes to learn enough technique to be able to start to play songs that they themselves love.

It makes me overjoyed to see a student like Joshua, who has been learning for several years, begin to take initiative in playing the piano.